The Last Supper at Vector Arena. Big NZ catering company. black and white photo of a long kitchen in a container.
Phantom billstickers auckland new zealand. photograph of a timelapse scene with a car streaking across the picture, and the advertisements in focus behind it in ponsonby
Photo of Parrot Dog beer from Wellington NZ. Beer is in a cooler with a mix of IPA and lager. Mr Bigglesworthy show room in Auckland.
night shot for phantom billstickers. shot by oliver crawford photographer new zealand. huffer poster and the sky tower in the background
Pumpkin Patch photography from a 2016 catalogue. 2 boys on a beach going for a hike. Bright clothing
rm williams photograph of leather at the auckland flagship store in towntown auckland.
rm williams photo of some belts featuring nice aperture and clean focus on the right side of the photograph.
pumpkin patch photoshoot featuring a girl on a windy beach. kids fashion new zealand
phantom billstickers and new balance. downtown auckland nz featuring a photograph of timelapses headlights zapping past the camera
rm williams photoshoot featuring a guy on a horse with nice bokeh and composition. leather boots and goods from australias finest.
Phantom Billstickers Auckland. Art shot of some posters with a timelapse at night. Streaks of car lights at night form an interesting photograph.
a kid by a small river by the ocean north of auckland. beautiful green, blue and sand tones in this photograph. new kids fashion for pumpkin patch rip
the cult blurry night shot featuring timelapses lights and nice framing and exposure.
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